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France Hélices S.A., au capital de 2 058 061.74 euro

Dont le siège social est situé ZI la Frayère – 12 allée des Gabians

06150 Cannes la Bocca

Immatriculée sous le numéro RC CANNES – B 383 259 843

Téléphone :

 E-mail : info@francehelices.fr


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            1.      Generalities


You declare to have acquainted and accepted the rights and duties of the present general conditions of sale of the company France Hélices. Any order made on this web site adds on the general conditions of sale below.


           2.      Confidential data 


Your password as well as the links of connection to the site www.francehelices.net sent to our e-mails are information for your unique attention and are confidential.

E-mails, links and passwords must be never passed on to the other persons to avoid every risk of identity theft.


            3.      Characteristics of products 


The characteristics of products proposed by France Hélices appear on the on-line catalog on www.francehelices.net

We are pleased to inform you that our products are European origin and were carefully selected to bring you the best quality products.

The information were mentioned on every product sheets, are the ones communicated in France Hélices by her suppliers.

The pictures of products presented on the electronic catalog are only indicative and don’t engage the salesman. We reserve the right to change articles to improve the quality and the performances.

You can contact one of the stores of France Hélices if you require of additional information.

France Hélices gets free of any responsibility concerning the material and immaterial consecutive damage connected to an unsuitable use of the material ordered on the web site.


            4.      Availability of products


Products subjected to the sale on our web site are proposed only while stocks last. The provision’s delays of the material is given only as a rough guide and would be engage the responsibility of France Hélices.

In case of unavailability of a product, after the validation of the command, we make a commitment to inform you by e-mail or post as soon as possible.

So, you can accept the compulsory delivery time, or ask for the cancellation of the order (by electronic mail or mail).


            5.      Price lists


The sale prices of the on-line products on the web site of France Hélices, indicated in Euro, are the ones current at the time of the recording of the order form by the customer.

These prices don’t include the freight costs, charged in supplement of the price of bought products following the weight of the command.

The freight costs will be indicated before the recording of the order of the customer.


            6.      Payment conditions

6.1. The customer guarantees that it is completely authorized to use its credit card or sound card counts PayPal for the payment of its command and that its payment conditions give access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs resulting from the order of one or several goods from France Hélices.


6.2. We propose you, two payment conditions on our Web site www.francehelices.fr thanks to PAYBOX Services.


=> You can pay in credit card (except American express) during the on-line order. We remind you that, to pay with the on-line credit card, you have to key the number and the expiry date of your card in places planned for that purpose as well as the cryptogram (last 3 figures situated to the right of the signature in the back of your credit card).

The debit of the card is made only at the time of the expedition of the command.


=> You can also pay by PayPal. You just have to become identified thanks to your account PayPal and to valid your order.


6.3. In case of the communicated credit card would not be valid, France Hélices reserves the right to cancel the command.

So, for any command exceeding certain amount fixed by France Hélices, it will be required to you to supply a copy of your identity card.


6.4. Attention, the contents of your basket will definitively be awarded to you having validated this one, your delivery address and your payment. The freight costs of the command of the customer will be indicated to him before the definitive validation of this one.

An e-mail of acknowledgement of receipt of command will be sent back to confirm you the recording of your order with a number of follow-up of order, you can visualize the dates of departure of the parcel of our warehouses.


            7. Security of payments 


Thanks to the used technologies and to the absence of printed matter mentioning in light the number of credit card, we assert you that it is reassuring to pay with his credit card on sites affiliated to PAYBOX Services.


All the phases of payment to be realized between the buyer and PayBox is completely coded and protected. The used protocol is SSL coupled with electronic banking.


It means that the information connected with order and the number of the credit card don’t circulate there clearly on Internet.


=> The number of credit card is printed on no paper, charges, credit card slip or  other listing.

=> The salesman has no knowledge of the numbers of cards.

=> PAYBOX Services doesn’t keep the numbers of card having passed on the transaction of payment to the bank of the salesman.


So, nobody has access in a Internet way, or in a way printed in address and phone number bank cards of buyers.

The risk of being "pirated" its number of credit card during a purchase on a web site endowed with PAYBOX Services is invalid.


The rules of use of bank cards impose to banks taken up residence in France the obligation to cover the risk of a fraudulent use of your card.


We remind you that you have to notify any fraudulent operation to your bank.


           8.      Delivery and retreat


The delivery’s dates are given for your information only. The possible delivery’s times can give rise on no account to penalties or some compensations at our expense. But, if the delivery was not made within thirty days after the date of order, you can cancel the sale contract.

The main mode of delivery is the delivery by Chronopost.

Your order spent before 12:00 am will be treated during the day subject to the availability of the material in our warehouses. The delivery is made by the service Chronopost under 24 hours.

In case of absence, a calling card will be put deposited in your mailbox, indicating to you where and when to remove your parcel.


The expenses of delivery include the packaging, the handling and the mail expenses. They can contain a fixed part and a variable part according to the price or to the weight of your order. We advise you to include your purchases in a unique order. We cannot group two different commands and you will have to pay postal charges for each of them.

Your parcel is sent at your own risks, a particular care is brought to the parcel containing fragile products.

The buyer has for role to receive the products which are sent to him or to remove them from the delivery address supplied during the order for the extension planned by the carrier.

In case of not retreat of articles, we shall proceed to the recycling and any additional costs of transport falling to the buyer.


            9.      Right of retractation


According to the article L311-15 du Code de la Consommation, you have a right of retraction of seven working days as from the day of opening of the commanded products. If this deadline expires on Saturday, on Sunday or holiday, it is prolonged until the first working day which follows.

In case of implementation of the right of retraction, we make a commitment to pay off you the sums paid within 30 days as from the date of implementation of the retraction’s right.

The right of retraction can be applied only as far as products returned to us:


=> in their original packing

=> in perfect working order and  presentation

=> without having been the object of any use or installation

=> or not having been the object of a special command and/or a product except standard


Expenses and responsibility of return products are chargeable to the customer.

France Hélices gives the right not to accept a repayment if a product does not 

correspond in the conditions of return listed above.


For the deadline of the right of retraction, you can send back to us the goods in its original packing with a copy of the invoice or the delivery slip.

You will then be credited on your credit card having been of use to the purchase in 30 days following the reception of returned articles. The transport costs not being paid off.


            10.    Returns


A preliminary agreement must be made with France Hélices above all return of the goods.

After agreement, the goods must have returned in France Hélices in the same conditions as those in whom they were delivered, that is unused, with all the elements which compose them, in their original packing with the possible manual workers as attachment as well as a copy of the invoice or the delivery slip.

The return of the goods must be made chargeable to the buyer.

For any more information, refer also to the fifth paragraph (Right of retractation).


            11. Guarantees

The damage consecutive to a misuse, to a defective installation, to an accident or a shock is excluded from the profit of the guarantee.


11.1. The legal guarantee :

France Hélices, according to the choice of the customer, makes a commitment to pay off, or to exchange the product for an identical article according to available stocks in case of delivery of a non-corresponding product or in case of

delivery of a product revealing a latent defect.

For any request of this type, the customer has to contact France Helixes in


11.2. The contractual guarantee :

Certain products can give rise to a contractual guarantee of 1 year.

No customer can ask to benefit from a guarantee wider than the one who is present, were the one granted by the supplier in France Hélices.


In case of problem with a product, the customer has to preserve the invoice and address in France Hélices which will announce him the approach to be followed (


            12.    After-sales service


If you need any information on products sold on the site and the conditions of guarantees from which you benefit when you commanded them, don’t hesitate to contact one of the shops of France Hélices.

The time of guarantee corresponds to that proposed our supplier for us. She can benefit on no account from extension.

You have also the possibility of contacting our Standard by telephone, from Monday to Friday from 8 am till 12 am and from 2 pm till 6 pm in


            13.    Plaints 


France Hélices gets free of any responsibilities concerning transports.

Our goods travel at the risks and the dangers of the addressees. Upon the arrival of parcel, verify minutely the state of boxes in the presence of the driver and note if necessary precise and characterized reserves (a photography of the goods must be taken).

The reserves of type " damaged material ", " leaky palette ", " opened box ", " stained or Made dirty parcel " must, to be considered as averages, be characterized and followed by the number and by the description of missing or hoarse articles.


For any dispute or contesting, you will have to prevent us in writing in registered letter with recorded delivery, within 48 hours following the reception of the goods.